Manila – Toughest place to be a street sweeper

Mark (pictured right) and Mel keeping the streets clean in Manila. Photo credit: Motive TV
Mark (pictured right) and Mel keeping the streets clean in Manila. Photo credit: Motive TV

In case you missed it, IMPACT member Mark Crosbie featured in Monday night’s episode of Toughest place to be on RTE One. Mark traded in his Dublin City Council overalls to live and work in the Botocan district of Manila in the Philippines for eight days back in February.

He worked hard and formed a close bond with his hosts, Mel and Merly. Mark witnessed first-hand the effects of abject poverty in Manila, and parts of the programme do not make for easy viewing. Mark, however, brings a big heart and lots of emotional honesty to the programme, and on that basis alone it is recommended viewing.

The programme is available on the RTE Player here, and Mark features in the latest edition of Work & Life, which is now circulating to subscribers and is also available in IMPACT members’ workplaces. Here’s a shorter version of Mark’s story from last week’s ebulletin.

Niall Shanahan, communications officer.

SEE ALSO: TV review: Toughest Place to Be a . . . Street Sweeper (The Irish Times) – “The tattooed, shaven-headed Crosbie is a tough looking bloke, but when faced with such deep poverty matched by human resilience, his emotions rise easily to the surface. He doesn’t transform into a reporter, as often happens in these cross-cultural films. He doesn’t ask searching questions about economics or politics. Instead he reacts instinctively to the kindness he receives from his hosts, and the relentless poverty he sees around him.” (Bernice Harrison)