Low paid childcare workers should not have to up-skill at own expense – IMPACT

Clodagh Kavanagh, Cork branch
Clodagh Kavanagh, Cork branch

Delegates voted to support early childhood care workers who are low paid but expected to up-skill and re-train at their own expense at the IMPACT health and welfare conference in Ennis today 7th May 2015.

Clodagh Kavanagh, from the Cork branch said it was unfair that “creche workers are being asked to up-skill and retrain, at their own expense and with no consideration for their low wage payments.

“With around 25,000 people in the early childhood care workforce, on an average pay rate of less than €11 an hour, government investment is desperately needed in early childhood care so as to professionalise the service, encourage qualified staff to stay in the sector and ease the burden on parents.

“Early childhood development is crucial to our society as a whole.  The formative years of each child is a once in a life time period where the child can blossom through care, kindness, compassion and education.

“There simply isn’t enough money to reward workers with professional wages and salaries in the sector. Low wages are effectively subsidising early childhood education and care, and that situation cannot continue.

“The public needs to understand that those working in childcare are professional and provide a critical service to parents and their children. Childcare is not a business but a social service and that needs to be recognised” she said.