Lansdowne Road ballot and information meetings underway

IMPACT president Jerry King, claims by ISME "another failed attempt to scapegoat public servants."
IMPACT president Jerry King, claims by ISME “another failed attempt to scapegoat public servants.”

The ballot of IMPACT members on the Lansdowne Road Agreement is now underway, as branches began to receive their ballot papers at the start of the week.


IMPACT branches have begun hosting information meetings all around the country. Details of the meetings are available on here. More meeting details will be posted on this page as arrangements are confirmed, information is also available from your local IMPACT representative.


All IMPACT members are encouraged to attend the meetings, so as to fully inform themselves about the agreement before they cast their vote.


IMPACTs Central Executive Committee (CEC) has recommended that members vote in favour of the agreement. Other union executives, including the INMO, SIPTU and the INTO, have made a similar recommendation.


FAQs and Irish language text


A comprehensive FAQ document is also available on the IMPACT website and will be updated with answers to the most frequent questions coming in from the information meetings.


An Irish language text of the Lansdowne Road agreement is now also available – Comhaontú Cobhsaíochta na Seirbhíse Poiblí 2013-2018.


ISME attacks pay restoration agreement


In a statement issued on Tuesday (16th June), the Irish Small & Medium Enterprises Association (ISME) criticised the Government’s decision to enter into a pay restoration agreement with public sector unions, saying the proposed pay increases “make no sense economically.”


ISME demanded the establishment of a “comprehensive (independent) commission to review public sector wages, conditions, perks and increments. As well as improved efficiencies within the public sector to bring it to world class status.” The association also demanded an international chair for the commission to “avoid any political interference.”


ISME CEO, Mark Fielding said, “The pay increases awarded in the new Lansdowne Road Agreement make no sense economically…The public sector is paid far more than their private sector counterparts and excuses about differing education levels etc. simply do not wash. The sector is so sheltered it has no comprehension of the reality of our current economic situation – one of fledgling growth but continued struggle.”


ISME’s claims were criticised and firmly rejected this week by IMPACT president Jerry King.


Jerry commented, “ISME is doing a disservice to its own members when it makes ridiculous claims like this. The effects of  pay improvements for all workers, not just public sector workers, will be felt most immediately by the small and medium firms throughout the country, boosting business and helping to create jobs. Pay improvements are a vital and necessary part of Ireland’s economic recovery.” Jerry dismissed the claims as “another failed attempt to scapegoat public servants.”