Labour Court recommends flexi-time for Carlow County Council

carlowcountycouncilLocal authority staff in Carlow have welcomed a decision by the Labour Court recommending the introduction of a flexi-time scheme by 1st February 2015.

IMPACT and SIPTU trade unions had sought the introduction of a flexi-time scheme at Carlow County Council for a number of years. IMPACT assistant general secretary Shay Clinton explained that management at the local authority had always resisted efforts to discuss its introduction.

Shay said the recommendation would ensure that arrangements at the local authority would now be consistent with all other local authorities. “We made the case that, where flexi-time schemes are already in place in other local authorities, there has never been any reduction in the level of service to the public as a result.

“For many years, Carlow local authority staff had been met with absolute resistance by management on the introduction of a flexi-time scheme. Flexi-time is a very progressive model of managing working hours, accommodating the needs of staff while at the same time ensuring consistency and productivity in the delivery of services” he said.

Shay said that the Labour Court’s recommendation required unions and management to engage on agreeing the terms of a new flexi-time scheme. Shay added, “This is a very positive step for the staff involved, and we’re confident that management will quickly come to appreciate the value of the scheme once it’s in place.”