Court’s clarification on Roscommon flexitime welcome


IMPACT has received a letter of clarification from the Labour Court in relation to flexi-leave arrangements in Roscommon County Council.

In its letter, the Court writes that its recommendation “is intended to be understood as meaning that normal operational arrangements for flexible working schemes across the Local Authority Sector should apply in this council.”

IMPACT assistant general secretary, Padraig Mulligan, said, in reaction to the letter, that “it completely supports and vindicates the position the union has taken.”

Padraig welcomed the clarification. He said that “the flexitime system is of most benefit to low-paid workers and in particular to women with childcare commitments”.

“For these reasons”, he said, “IMPACT will continue to resist any challenges to the flexi leave scheme and will not see Roscommon County Council staff left at a disadvantage relative to their colleagues elsewhere in the country.”

He said that IMPACT will be in contact with senior management in Roscommon County Council to agree a mutually acceptable time and date at which to attempt to reconcile differences.