Independent arbitration for driver testers dispute

IMPACT trade union has agreed to take part in an arbitration process aimed at resolving its dispute with the Road Safety Authority (RSA) about recruitment for the reserve panel of driving testers. Driving testers engaged in a half day of strike action over the issue last week.

In a letter to members yesterday (Tuesday 8th), IMPACT official Denis Rohan said that the Department of Public Enterprise & Reform (DPER) had contacted both IMPACT and the RSA, and advised that, as both parties were signed up to the Haddington Road Agreement, the department wished to see the issue resolved as quickly as possible. 

The department advised it would engage the services of an independent industrial relations practitioner, Mr Joe McDermott, to meet with both sides, take submissions on the matter in dispute and issue a determination which would be binding on both parties, under clause 1.27 of the Croke Park Agreement.  

Arrangements are now in place to meet early next week. Mr Rohan commented “We welcome these developments. It’s a pity, however, that we had to take it to this stage to get the employer to engage meaningfully on the issue in dispute. In fifty years of driving testing it is the first time we have had to go to such lengths to get an engagement with the employer.”