IMPACT/IALPA statement following meeting with Ryanair management

IMPACT issued the following statement following a meeting with Ryanair management :

“While Ryanair management said they recognised IMPACT/IALPA for collective bargaining purposes at this evening’s meeting (19th December), they said they were unable to give the union a piece of paper to confirm this. This is disappointing given all that’s been said in the media over the last five days.

The company has taken away proposals put by IMPACT/IALPA at the meeting. IMPACT/IALPA told management it expected a quick response to these proposals, and that a recognition agreement must be concluded by 12.00 (noon) on Thursday 21st December 2017. The union reiterated its position that its mandate for strike action can be implemented, after the required notice is given, in the absence of a timely agreement.