IMPACT welcomes backing of pension deal by Aer Lingus shareholders

large.Terminal-2_1012937-sharpenedIMPACT has welcomed the approval of the IASS pension scheme settlement proposal by Aer Lingus shareholders.

Shareholders approved the settlement by a huge majority at an emergency general meeting (EGM) which took place today at Dublin Airport today (Wednesday 10th December).

IMPACT is the largest union in the company representing almost 2,000 cabin crew, pilots and some ground staff.

IMPACT national secretary Matt Staunton said it brings to an end a period of uncertainty for Aer Lingus workers that has existed for nearly five years. “The settlement provides for a decent percentage of income to be available as pensions when workers reach retirement age.

“This contrasts with the alternative, which was the prospect of reaching that time of life with no certainty about their income. It’s been a difficult time for everyone involved and it is good to be able to bring the issue to a conclusion where the future pension benefits for these workers are clear and certain” he said.

Mr Staunton said that the focus would now switch to the Dublin Airport Authority. “This remains a live issue for workers in Dublin and Shannon airports. Recent complications have seriously delayed reaching a similar settlement” he said.

Mr Staunton called on the DAA’s CEO, Kevin Toland, to ensure that airport authority workers do not lose out on achieving a solution.