IMPACT video blog 29th June

In today’s video blog, Philip Mullen and Joan McCrohan of IMPACT talk about the significance of the Labour Court’s recommendation which will allow for the redeployment of special needs assistants (SNAs). They explain what it means for SNAs, the children they work with, and how this breakthrough could only be achieved by SNAs organising as a union branch.

The Labour Court made the recommendation yesterday, following years of campaigning by IMPACT’s SNA branch. Essentially, the Labour Court recommendation means that when an SNA’s role becomes redundant that they should be placed on a panel and offered an alternative post elsewhere when a vacancy arises. The panel of SNAs will be arranged on the basis of seniority, and where an SNA is placed in alternative employment under this arrangement, the Court recommended that they should carry forward their prior service.

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IMPACT blog 29th June 2012 from IMPACT Communications on Vimeo.