IMPACT supports travel ban protest

muslim travel ban

IMPACT is urging its branches and members in the Dublin area to join Thursday’s (2nd February) emergency rally in solidarity with those targeted by the new US government’s racist travel ban. The protest takes place outside the US embassy (42 Elgin Rd, Dublin 4, D04 TP03) at 6pm on Thursday 2nd February.

The discriminatory travel ban, introduced by President Trump last weekend, has provoked condemnation from trade unions and human rights groups – and many others – across the globe, including in the USA itself. The measure prevents people from seven predominantly Muslim nations travelling to the United States, and blocks refugees from war-torn Syria entering that country.

IMPACT deputy general secretary Kevin Callinan said: “Along with all decent people, IMPACT members are disgusted at Donald Trump’s racist, mean-spirited and probably illegal act, which represents a fundamental breach of human rights. The union is urging its members to come out and show that we reject this unacceptable and inhumane policy.”

IMPACT’s 2016 delegate conference, made up of representatives of all the union’s branches across the country, called on the Irish government to increase the number of refugees accepted under our resettlement and relocation programmes.

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