IMPACT supports striking Dunnes Stores workers

dunnesIMPACT’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) has pledged its full support to the strike next Thursday (2nd April) by workers in Dunnes Stores. At a meeting of the CEC yesterday (Thursday), members of the executive voiced their support, and called on IMPACT members to support the campaign for decent work by Dunnes Stores workers.

IMPACT president Jerry King said that every trade union member has a role to play in supporting the workers in their strike action. “These workers are taking a brave and necessary step against an employer determined to treat its own workforce with callous disregard. These workers deserve our support and our respect, and I will look forward to meeting them on the picket lines next Thursday to express my solidarity and support” he said.

IMPACT officer Margaret Coughlan said she welcomed the opportunity for IMPACT members to show solidarity with the campaign. “This is a real opportunity to have public and private sector workers standing together and fighting for the rights of Dunnes Stores workers, and the Wicklow Health branch will be visiting and supporting workers in our region” she said.

IMPACT general secretary Shay Cody said that Mandate representatives had been invited to use IMPACT offices around the country during the dispute, “This is an important fight for these workers, and we’re open to assisting them in a practical way, as well as offering the solidarity of IMPACT members throughout the country.”

Writing in this week’s blog on the IMPACT website, Mandate general secretary John Douglas said “As with all industrial disputes, Dunnes workers don’t want to go on strike, but they’ve been left with no other option after their employer refused to engage with their union and also refused invitations from the Labour Relations Commission (LRC) and the Labour Court.

“At the heart of the dispute is decency and fairness, something senior management in Dunnes find incomprehensible. The Decency for Dunnes Workers campaign was founded on four key objectives: Secure hours and earnings; Job security; Fair and consistent pay for all Dunnes workers; the right to be represented by their trade union” he said.

Read the full blog here – Dunnes Stores workers to strike a blow for decent work.

What you can do to help – trade unions, union members, families and friends.

  • Make sure all trade union members, and their families are aware of the strike and the issues involved
  • Do not shop in Dunnes Stores on Thursday 2nd April and encourage others to do the same
  • Visit the picket lines and show your solidarity for Dunnes workers
  • Phone/text your messages of support and solidarity into radio shows
  • Join the online petition
  • IMPACT is writing to the Directors of Dunnes Stores outlining the support of their members for Dunnes Workers’ fight for decent jobs and decent contracts and urging Dunnes Stores to meet Mandate and resolve the issues. All IMPACT branches are actively encouraged to do the same.
  • Contact Mandate to receive campaign materials including the Decency for Dunnes Workers shopping bags
  • Like the campaign on Facebook.