IMPACT outlines gains in new LRC proposals

IMPACT achieved significant improvements for its members in the revised Public Service deal, the Haddington Road agreement, which was published last week by the Labour Relations Commission (LRC). Speaking at the union’s Local Government division conference in Wexford last week, general secretary of IMPACT, Shay Cody, said IMPACT negotiators had won revisions to the original LRC package.

  • Agreement that no IMPACT member, up to and including grade VIIs, will work more than two and a quarter additional working hours
  • Ring-fenced flexitime and work-sharing arrangements, with no changes for existing staff
  • A quicker and clearer return to June 2013 pay rates for staff earning between €65,000 and €100,000
  • The retention of double-time premium payments for IMPACT staff rostered to work on Sundays
  • Regularisation of acting positions by October 2013 in health, plus agreement to regularise acting positions in the context of local authority ‘workforce planning’
  • A time limit on the ‘free hour’ of overtime for staff who work a 39-hour week.

A majority of IMPACT members voted to accept the original package, but Mr Cody said IMPACT insisted on improvements when it emerged that the Government was willing to make further concessions.

“IMPACT’s first priority has been to ensure that IMPACT members would not be subject to legislation that imposes a worse package. That was achieved. Our second priority was to make sure that, if there were any changes to the package, they would not erode the terms of the original LRC proposals. That has been secured. Our third priority was to ensure that any improvements in the package agreed for members of other unions would also go to IMPACT members. That has been secured. Then we moved to secure further improvements specific to IMPACT members,” he said.

IMPACT’s Central Executive Committee meets next Thursday (30th May) to decide the union’s next steps.

IMPACT negotiators also won commitments on leave arrangements in voluntary hospitals, which lag behind other health workers, as well as confirmation that ‘twilight’ payments will still apply to staff who work between 8pm and midnight. The deal will also see enhanced job security for special needs assistants, through the early introduction of a redeployment panel.  It has also been confirmed that the fee for social care and health professional registration will be €100, including for re-registration for 2013 – rather than €295 as originally envisaged. And there are new protections for school secretaries on low levels of annual leave.

The new proposals and legislation documents can be downloaded from the IMPACT website HERE.