IMPACT members urged to support housing crisis rally

McVerryGarlandDec1stIMPACT members are being encouraged to support next week’s housing crisis rally, which gets underway at the GPO at 5pm on Tuesday 1st December.

In a letter to union branches, IMPACT’s deputy general secretary Kevin Callinan said the union had been actively campaigning to achieve practical solutions to the current homelessness crisis since organising the Roof is a Right conference last year.

Mr Callinan added, “At this year’s ICTU Conference, we proposed a motion which called for a range of measures to tackle the housing crisis, including the regulation of rents through an indexation system, similar to those in other European countries.

“Despite these efforts, we are unfortunately facing into another winter where the housing crisis has left increasing numbers of people homeless, and many more pushed deeper into poverty due to exorbitant rental prices and increases” he said.

Mr Callinan said that IMPACT has joined together with other trade unions, homeless agencies, community organisations and political groups as part of a National Housing and Homeless Coalition to take part in next week’s rally. “We need as much public support as possible to pressure Government into taking the necessary emergency measures to deal effectively with this national crisis” he said.

Download rally flyer HERE