IMPACT backs further talks on ‘super union’ for public service, commercial and state sector staff

Photo By Domnick Walsh
Photo By Domnick Walsh

Delegates at the IMPACT conference today (Thursday) voted overwhelmingly to continue talks on a possible merger with two civil service unions which, if successful, would create a new 80,000-strong organisation representing workers in the public service, commercial organisations, and state agencies.

The conference authorised the IMPACT executive to continue and conclude negotiations with the CPSU and PSEU. If those negotiations are successful, the final proposals for the creation of a new union will be put to separate ballots of members of the three unions in 2017.

Identical conference motions passed by large majorities at recent delegate conferences of the PSEU and CPSU.

Agreement on the broad structure of the proposed new organisation has already been reached, and the next stage of talks are expected to finesse this and agree the text of a rulebook for the new union. A conference document, called New Union Project, which sets out the broad structure of a new union, was circulated at the conference.

IMPACT general secretary Shay Cody told delegates: “The New Union Project is a proposal to combine the strength of over 80,000 members in the three unions, which represent workers in the public service, the commercial sector, and state agencies. The document sets out a proposed structure, which would ensure that a New Union is democratically accountable and better able to defend and advance our members’ interests at a time when they are facing new challenges, with collective bargaining under attack in some parts of our economy.”