IMPACT accepts Haddington Road agreement

Thursday 30th May 2013

The Central Executive Committee of IMPACT today (Thursday) to accept the terms of the Haddington Road Agreement on public service pay, working conditions and reforms. The union has sought to formally register the agreement with the Labour Relations Commission.

IMPACT said acceptance of the agreement would exempt its members from draconian cuts in pay and working conditions contained in the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Bill, 2013 – including a three-year increment freeze for all public servants and permanent cuts to pay rates for those earning over €65,000 a year. The Bill will impose these and other measures on public servants unless they are members of unions that have entered a collective agreement – now known as the Haddington Road Agreement – and registered it with the Labour Relations Commission.

At its meeting today, the elected IMPACT executive decided that a further ballot was not necessary or appropriate because:

  • In April 2013, a national ballot of IMPACT members in the public service accepted ‘Croke Park 2’ package by a majority of 56%-44%.
  • None of the Haddington Road Agreement (HRA) measures erode any of the terms of the ‘Croke Park 2’ package.
  • Any improvements in the HRA package agreed for members of other unions are also available to IMPACT members in the same or related grades.
  • The HRA package also includes improvements that are specific to IMPACT grades.
  • The publication of the Financial Emergency Measures in the Public Interest Bill, which will    become law before 1st July 2013, makes it certain that there is no better alternative available to IMPACT members.

 An IMPACT spokesperson said the Haddington Road Agreement now existed as the only collective agreement available to its members. “By signing up to the Haddington Road Agreement, IMPACT is ensuring that its members are protected from far worse cuts to their pay and working conditions. They will also have crucial protections contained in the original Croke Park agreement, including on compulsory redundancies, redeployment limits, outsourcing and many other issues.

IMPACT’s elected executive was satisfied that the union achieved further improvements for its members in the recent Haddington Road discussions. These included significant gains for staff on low and middle incomes such as the preservation of existing flexitime, job-sharing and part-time arrangements and a ceiling on the amount of additional hours that will be worked. The union also secured a faster and clearer route back to June 2013 pay scales for staff who earn between €65,000 and €100,000 a year, and who will experience additional pay cuts under the HRA.”