Hundreds of local development jobs at risk

Friday 5th July 2013

Delegates at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions’ biennial delegate conference yesterday (Thursday) unanimously demanded that the jobs, pay and conditions of staff in local leader partnership companies be protected when their organisations are incorporated into local authorities.

An emergency motion, proposed by IMPACT and SIPTU, called on the Government to consult with staff unions on the issue.

IMPACT official Geraldine O’Brien told the conference that up to 1,900 more jobs were at risk in a sector that had already endured three years of service cuts and redundancies. She said the staff were not covered by the Haddington Road agreement or the earlier Croke Park deal.

The leader partnership companies provide a range of services aimed at strengthening local economies including training for the unemployed, education for early school leavers, child care, disability services, and rehabilitation.

“Here we have a dedicated cohort of people who have the expertise and commitment to deliver vital services to some of the most vulnerable in our society, and they are being denied the opportunity to have a say in their future,” said Geraldine.