HSE job evaluation scheme reopens


evaluationThe HSE job evaluation scheme is to reopen this month following negotiations with IMPACT. Management has told the union that application forms will be available on the HSE website by the end of this week.

The scheme was suspended eight years ago on foot of the 2008 economic crash. But IMPACT insisted on talks to reopen the scheme during last year’s negotiations on the Lansdowne Road agreement.

The union has today published a ‘frequently asked questions’ document on its website, to give members a quick and easy guide to how the process will work.

The scheme, which currently applies to clerical and administrative grades III to VI and related grades, offers staff the prospect of an upgrading if their job roles and responsibilities are found to have increased sufficiently.

IMPACT says the scheme is capable of being applied to more senior administrative and management grades, as well as professional and technical staff. The union will, therefore, be seeking to negotiate the extension of the scheme.

The eight-year suspension of the scheme has led to a significant backlog of existing and potential applications. Management has agreed to give priority to applications that were in the system at the time the scheme closed, applications which were referred to job evaluation by a third party process (eg the Labour Court), and applications which were referred to job evaluation through the process of regularising long-term acting positions. IMPACT is also seeking to include clerical officers as a priority category.

Bernard Harbor