How to find the IMPACT delegation at the Dublin rally – Saturday 9th February

The march will set off from the top of Winetavern Street (the cathedral end) at around 2pm.

The IMPACT delegation has been asked to assemble in Cook Street, immediately where it meets Winetavern Street. IMPACT banners will be in place there from around 11.45.

Due to security arrangements agreed between ICTU and An Garda Síochána, access to Cook Street will be restricted from about 11.45am. After that time, it will only be possible to access Cook Street through Bridge Street. This is the opposite end of the street from where the IMPACT delegation has been placed.

You are, therefore, asked to make your way to the designated place as early as possible to avoid being ‘cut off’ from other IMPACT members.

In any case, once you get to Cook Street, you should make your way to the Cook Street/Winetavern Street junction to join IMPACT colleagues.

We have been told that it will be possible to make your way up Cook Street.