Hidden Heroes: The unseen heroes of our health system

IMPACT’s campaign to defend the #HiddenHeroes of our health services continues today (Monday 11th December) with Siobhán Curran, focusing on her work on health promotion in the HSE’s communications department.

IMPACT national secretary Eamonn Donnelly said the union wanted to explain that all staff play an important part in delivering quality health services. “It’s often suggested that the health service is awash with backroom staff who are surplus to requirements. That’s simply not the case, and we are trying to develop awareness about the important contribution of all staff,” he said.

Eamonn points to the popular view that health service delivery only involves so-called ‘front-line’ workers. “There are no front-line services without proper backroom teams and support. Many of our members work in those critical backroom teams. They are the hidden heroes of our health services and it’s time to acknowledge that,” he said.

IMPACT will publish a series of  campaign videos in the coming weeks. The first video featured physiotherapist Niall Geoghegan.