Health Minister is attacking health staff to deflect criticism


The Health Minister’s reported pledge to sack HSE managers is an attempt to divert criticism from his Government’s failure to reverse cuts in capital spending in the health service, according to IMPACT. Eamonn Donnelly, who leads the union’s health division, said it was standard practice for politicians to lash out at managers and administrative staff when facing criticism for their shortcomings.

“If the reported comments from yesterday are correct, it is the second time this year that Minister Harris has deflected blame for political failures by lashing out at unnamed staff who are doing their best with insufficient resources.

“If the Minister has identified underperforming managers he should use the ample powers he already has to address the issue. If not, he should support his staff and deal with the lengthening waiting lists and overcrowded emergency departments, which are primarily due to insufficient bed capacity and underfunded community health services,” he said.