Fundraising event in aid of Bangladesh Rana Plaza collapse victims and their families

The Youth Committee of Mandate trade union is organising a special table quiz fundraising event in aid of the victims and families of the Rana Plaza tragedy next week. It takes place on the evening of Wednesday 10th July at the Parnell Bar, Parnell Street, Dublin 1 at 7pm.

David Gibney of Mandate writes; “You may remember the awful tragedy of the factory collapse in Bangladesh back in April, where more than 1,000 workers were killed and close to 3,000 injured, although many locally put the figures much higher.  The accident is considered one of the worst to have occurred in the garment industry. Tragically, it was preventable. 

The Clean Clothes Campaign Ireland is lobbying politicians to ensure that Irish retailers are encouraged to sign the Bangladesh Safety Accord whilst also exerting continuous pressure directly on those retailers.  They have had some successes, although unfortunately Dunnes Stores continue to ignore all efforts to sign up to their responsibilities. 

However, the issue of compensation for those who died and those injured, many with medical bills, still needs to be agreed and local relief organisations are concerned at the mismanagement and the administrative chaos which has ensued since the accident. 

Meanwhile workers are without jobs and many may not be able to work due to their injuries. 

That’s why we’re holding this fundraising event. If you can’t attend on the night, you can still support these workers in Bangladesh by making a donation, which will go directly to those affected. Thanks for your support.” 

Further details can be obtained directly from David at