Fire fighters rally to oppose reductions in crewing levels

FIRERALLYFire fighter members of IMPACT and SIPTU trade unions will march today from Parnell Square to the Dáil, at 12pm to highlight their opposition to implement reductions in crewing levels.

In a joint letter to the Minister for Environment, Community and Local Government, Alan Kelly TD, Phil McFadden of IMPACT and Gene Mealy of SIPTU highlight a number of concerns about proposed reductions to fire service crewing levels.

They said “We have sought to be provided with the relevant risk assessments and support documentation associated with the proposed reductions, however, these have not been forthcoming to date.

The letter states “Our members in both the retained and fulltime fire services have also been actively engaged in an ongoing campaign in relation to the section 26 plans, where we have outlined our concerns regarding the dangerous elements contained within the ‘Keeping Communities Safe’ proposals.

“The current situation whereby the department are now seeking to implement the reductions in crewing levels and pre-determined attendances without providing the relevant risk assessments and support documentation leaves us with no choice but to take our concerns to the streets.”

Phil McFadden, assistant general secretary with IMPACT added “Fire fighters already carry out a dangerous and demanding job. It should be the task of the government to do everything in its power to keep fire fighters as safe as possible. Reducing crewing levels would create additional and unnecessary risks to their safety.”