Workplace representative training

October 19, 2016 all-day

MAIHeader_Layout 1This course is for IMPACT members who want to become, or improve their skills as, a union workplace representative. Applicants do not necessarily need to have previous experience in the union. But your application should demonstrate the willingness and potential to become an effective IMPACT representative.

The course has four modules and covers the following headings :

  • Module 1 – IMPACT and how it works
  • Module 2 – Effective communications
  • Module 3 – Building union strength
  • Module 4 – Representing members and dealing with management

The application form requires applicants to outline their reasons for applying for the course, and we ask them to commit to attending all of the four one-day sessions that make up this module. They are also required to have the support of their Branch and AGS/IRO.

Please Note: Application forms must be signed by both the relevant Branch Officer and Assistant General Secretary/Industrial Relations Officer before they can be considered for places on courses.