Education promotion process revised


A newly established ‘education and training sector candidate pool’ is to underpin promotion competitions for serving staff at grades III to VII in education and training boards and institutes of technology. The new arrangements, negotiated with IMPACT, will see 20% of vacancies in grade V, VI and VII posts filled by open competition.

Two new Department of Education and Skills circulars outline eligibility criteria for the recruitment and promotion of administrative staff in ETBs and IOTs.

IMPACT assistant general secretary Stella Griffin said the circulars clarify the process of confined competitions in the sector, and provide an improved path for professional progression for eligible staff. “The establishment of the ‘education and training sector candidate pool’ creates opportunities for experienced staff to seek promotion in a fair and transparent way. The new arrangements also create promotion pathways between the ETBs and IOTs,” she said.

Stella said the union had also negotiated a provision that ensures no loss of annual leave on promotion, subject to the limits set by standardised leave arrangements. “Professional progression for our members in this sector is an important issue, so we took steps to secure leave entitlements, ensuring there are no barriers to promotion,” she said.

The arrangements are to be reviewed within two years, with the involvement of unions as well as employers and the education department.