Croke Park agreement will protect women workers

Tuesday 9th April 2013

IMPACT trade union today (Tuesday) rejected claims that the proposed Croke Park deal would put women’s jobs at risk. The union said flexitime and work sharing arrangements would be put at risk in the absence of an agreement.

The union was responding to a report, commissioned by anti-Croke Park unions, which wrongly claimed that the proposed agreement would force women out of their jobs.

IMPACT spokesperson Bernard Harbor said: “It is scaremongering and completely untrue to say that this agreement will force women out of work. In fact, the agreement means that unions can continue to protect jobs and flexible work arrangements. Without an agreement there will be nothing to stop employers changing – or even abolishing – work sharing and flexitime arrangements. Have the unions who commissioned this report done an equality audit of the alternative?” he said. 

IMPACT pointed out that the proposed agreement puts limits on management proposals to reduce flexi and work sharing arrangements and explicitly says there must be consultations with individual staff members and their unions before any changes to work sharing arrangements take place.  “Most staff who currently have flexitime will continue to have flexitime and any changes to work sharing will have to be agreed with unions. Without an agreement there will be no restriction on management plans to impose changes to work sharing arrangements,” said Mr Harbor.