Cregg House staff back no confidence vote against Daughters of Wisdom management

IMPACT members working at Cregg House care facility in Sligo have backed a motion of no confidence in the appointed board, and the religious order running Cregg House, by a margin of 90%. Cregg House, which provides residential care and day/community care programmes to people with intellectual disabilities, is run by the Daughters of Wisdom order. IMPACT members were balloted this morning (Thursday) at staff meetings organised by the union.

IMPACT members have been in dispute with senior management for over 12 months due to cuts in services and what the union describes as the indecision of the Daughters of Wisdom in relation to its continued involvement in the delivery of services.

IMPACT official Richy Carrothers explained, “The Daughters of Wisdom order announced that it would leave the facility no later than June 30th last. We have sought that the order commits itself to a transfer of undertakings to the HSE, which funds services at Cregg House. Despite the commitment to the June 30th deadline, the order has so far refused to sign a termination agreement or to negotiate with unions representing staff under the TUPE (Transfer of undertakings) legislation.” 

The HSE has referred the matter to the High Court in order to prevent a unilateral withdrawal from Cregg House by the Daughters of Wisdom.

Mr Carrothers added, “IMPACT supports the efforts by the HSE to prevent the Daughters of Wisdom order from walking away from its obligations at Cregg House. IMPACT members employed at Cregg House want to protect these vital services, and the ballot this morning reflects their understandable frustration with a management group which seems to have forgotten its obligations.

“For over a year now the order has demonstrated that its sole motivation is to protect its financial assets and buildings, while neglecting its obligations to the most vulnerable of service users at Cregg House. 

“The evidence for this is that the Daughters of Wisdom has refused to sign a termination agreement and has failed to consult with the trade unions under the required legislation. Our members need some certainty about the future and about the services they work hard to provide at Cregg house” he said.