Court orders pay restoration at Dublin Aids Alliance

11th January 2013

The Labour Court has recommended that a recent pay cut for staff at Dublin Aids Alliance be reversed. IMPACT took the case following a recent pay cut, which came on top of a 2010 reduction and the termination of employers’ health insurance payments.

The Court said the pay cut should be reversed and that increments should continue to be paid. Staff at the organisation are employed under corresponding terms with staff in the HSE and were subject to the 2010 public service pay cuts. The Court noted that IMPACT was prepared to agree to the employer’s proposal on VHI cover.

Dublin Aids Alliance management said the reductions were necessary because of reduced funding. But IMPACT argued that other options, like a shorter working week and unpaid leave, should be explored as an alternative to pay reductions.

IMPACT official Ashley Connolly also questioned managements claims about the impact of reduced funding. “We didn’t accept the claim that the workers should solely absorb the cuts in funding because Dublin Aids Alliance has funding in place to address the cuts. Our position is that pay rates, including increments, should be restored. While it’s regrettable, we do accept that the payment of health insurance could not continue,” she said.

The union put forward other options to save cash. “Since the Labour Court recommendation issued, we have contacted management with a view to exploring how best to meet the needs of the service while delivering the necessary cost reductions. We are waiting for a reply, and expect those discussions to get underway as soon as possible,” said Ashley.

You can read the full recommendation HERE.