Cork Campaign on Library Amalgamations Gathers Momentum

Senior management in Cork City have written to IMPACT with concerns about the proposed amalgamation of cork city and county library services. It is understood that Cork County management share the same view.

The councils are currently in discussions with the Department of Environment, Community and Local Government and it is their position that “the amalgamation ‘as outlined’ is not appropriate for a number of reasons”.

IMPACT trade union has undertaken a campaign in opposition to proposed library amalgamations throughout the country which would bring the number of library services from 32 to 23.

Peter Nolan, national secretary with IMPACT trade union said “this campaign in opposition to library amalgamations continues to gather momentum as more stakeholders engage with the process.

“IMPACT has been meeting with local representatives in the affected counties to date and received widespread cross-party support for the campaign.

“Cork city and county is a unique case because it is the only amalgamation which is happening within county lines. It is therefore quite significant that senior management in Cork are concerned.

“There has been unwillingness from the Department of Environment to get involved in what it deems to be a local issue. However, with a growing number of calls, from an extensive list of supporters, we at IMPACT believe that the Department must recognise the local opposition to their proposals.”