Conference liveblog: Public service pay


Kevin Callinan, IMPACT's Deputy General Secretary, said a more targeted approach to internships is now badly needed.
Kevin Callinan, IMPACT’s Deputy General Secretary

IMPACT deputy general secretary Kevin Callinan said he supported the establishment of a Public Service Pay Commission, as envisaged in the Programme for Government, but said the union “won’t accept it as a substitute for pay rounds negotiated through collective bargaining, and never as a means for some to circumvent agreements and be treated more equally than others.”

He said that the union is “not leaving anyone behind on the journey to pay recovery.”

He insisted that trade unions must be consulted on, and involved in the terms of reference and membership of the proposed Public Service Pay Commission

IMPACT general secretary, Shay Cody, called for “an overall approach that covers every public service grade and profession” to “bring stability to public service pay determination at the end of a turbulent period, which has seen wages set variously through social partnership agreements, benchmarking, the imposition of pay cuts and the pension levy, and now through public service agreements framed by amended FEMPI legislation.”