Childcare seriously under-resourced – IMPACT

childcareIMPACT trade union members are supporting the Association of Childhood Professionals (ACP) and their rally outside Dáil Eireann today 17th February from 1-3pm.

IMPACT represents workers in this sector across the country and the union has backed the call to increase funding for the sector.

IMPACT and other trade unions representing workers in the sector have called on “government to provide both increased investment and a cohesive early childhood education and care strategy, so that the children of Ireland can receive the best possible foundation in life”.

Úna Faulkner, organiser with the Health division of IMPACT said “Our members are doing a front line service job, educating and caring for the youngest children of Ireland. The value placed on them as professionals, however, is inadequate. The maximum salary they earn is just above minimum wage. This is simply not acceptable”.

“IMPACT wants to see a situation where workers in this sector have a standardised contract with a rate of pay that is appropriate for the essential professional work they do” she said.

Ms Faulker added “the childcare situation has become critical, and has a massive effect on the working lives of parents. The debate has been gaining momentum but so far nobody seems to be listening. “