Cast your vote for Right2Water in the European Democratic Citizenship Awards

The Right2Water campaign, calling for water and sanitation to be recognised as a human right, and which was supported by thousands of IMPACT members, has been nominated in the Best Campaign category of the European Democratic Citizenship Awards 2013. The campaign has been nominated by the European Civic Forum. You can help by voting for the campaign to win the award in this category.

We are asking members of IMPACT, their friends and families and all of those supporters who signed the Right2Water petition last year, to vote for the campaign in these awards. Voting is simple, just follow this link (it’s a quick and easy voting process), and please note that voting closes next Friday, 25th April.

The awards celebrate civic engagement and each year rewards civil society initiatives that “give real substance to democratic citizenship, bring about social innovation and positive change in the life of the local, regional, national or European communities.” The message from the European Federation of Public Service Unions is “A vote for Right2water is a vote for yourself!”

Thanks for your support.