STOP TTIP Public servicesIMPACT ask for your support.

The European Parliament Committee on INTA (International Trade) will vote Thursday 28th May 2015 on the Lange report on TTIP (trade agreement between EU and US). We are trying to ensure that some of the points that are important for public service workers get into the text.

Because we know from experience that the EP Members react well to direct national contact I kindly ask if you can approach the Irish member Sean Kelly –

You can use the letter below, and feel free to personalise the text, and add your name to give it more weight.

Dear Mr Kelly,

The INTA Committee of the European parliament will vote next week on the Lange report which deals with the negotiations between the US and the EU (TTIP).

We ask your support, in particular for amendment 397, and to send a clear message to the European Commission to exclude public services like health, water, public transport from the scope of TTIP.

We also call on the Parliament to give a strong signal to the Commission that an agreement with the US should not include the investor state dispute settlement (ISDS).

We look forward to your support,