We are urging IMPACT members and their families to attend a march and rally in support of the workers employed in Dunnes Stores who suffer as a result of the use of low hour contracts and zero hour contracts.

The rally will take place on Saturday 6th June 2015, in Dublin, at 1pm, from Merrion Square.

Deputy General Secretary Kevin Callinan said “many IMPACT branches were involved in offering practical support to the Dunnes workers on the day of the strike on 2 April 2015. It was really appreciated by the MANDATE members involved and their union leadership.

“Regrettably, on return to work many of the strike leaders at shop level were victimised through an insidious campaign of dismissals, rostering changes and reassignment to other duties. This is designed to break the workers resolve and to avoid collective bargaining with their unions. More than ever they need our support.

“The heart of this issue is decent work- secure employment and some certainty on working arrangements, and the right to be represented in discussions on pay and conditions of employment. It is something that should be important  to public sector workers too.  Poor private sector pay and conditions affect our family members and, in time, will affect our children.  But also if these practices gain hold they will be foisted on the public sector too.

“The Union is seeking a large IMPACT presence on 6 June 2015. The demonstration  commences at l.OOpm so it will conclude by early afternoon.  We are appealing to branches to take steps to ensure that there is a large visible attendance of IMPACT members by circulating the information, seeking commitments to attend, and arranging transport including buses and bringing branch banners if possible. This is an opportunity for IMPACT to show that public sector and private sector workers will stand together for decent work.

“Please liaise with your union official in relation to the co-ordination of arrangements” he said.