Click HERE to download a copy of the application form to join IMPACT.

Membership of IMPACT brings:

  • Better pay and working conditions
  • Information and advice about your rights at work
  • Representation in certain individual cases
  • A campaigning union that defends public services and the people who provide them
  • Lots of discounts
  • €5,000 free critical illness or death in service cover
  • Free legal representation in bodily injury cases
  • Free 24/7 legal advice helpline
  • Free 24/7 confidential counselling helpline
  • Free 24/7 domestic assistance helpline

IMPACT membership subscriptions are set on a percentage basis so that those who earn less pay less. It costs 0.8% of basic salary (or 80 cent for every €100 you earn), up to an annual salary maximum of €44,800 (2012).

Other forms

Apply for IMPACT membership on-line

Application form to join IMPACT (deduction at source)

Application form to join IMPACT (Standing Order)

Change of employer form