Click HERE to download a copy of the application form to join IMPACT.

Many thanks for inquiring about joining IMPACT. An online fillable application form for membership can be downloaded HERE. You can fill in the form print it and sign the deduction at source section or you can click on the submit button and we will post you a deduction at source form to sign and post back to IMPACT using a pre-paid envelope which will be enclosed.

IMPACT membership
Nerney’s Court
Dublin 1.

Also you can send us your name and postal address to and we can put an application information pack in the post for you.

Be sure to fully complete and sign the form, as your first payment will trigger your entitlement to the benefits of IMPACT membership

IMPACT membership subscriptions are set on a percentage basis so that those who earn less pay less. It costs 0.8% of basic salary (or 80 cent for every €100 you earn), up to an annual salary maximum of €44,800 (2012).

Please take note Do not consider you have applied to join until a signed deduction at source mandate has been received in this office.

Other forms

Application form to join IMPACT (deduction at source)

Application form to join IMPACT (Standing Order)

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