Click HERE to download a copy of the application form to join IMPACT.

The on-line application facility is closed off pending conclusion of the ballot on proposed Public Service Stability Agreement 2018-2020. The Central Executive has decided that new members who apply to join and have fully completed an application form including signing the deduction at source mandate before the 4th July 2017 may be issued with and participate in this ballot. You can download and print the form HERE. Please post to IMPACT Head Office, Nerney’s Court Dublin 1 immediately if you want to participate in the ballot.

IMPACT membership subscriptions are set on a percentage basis so that those who earn less pay less. It costs 0.8% of basic salary (or 80 cent for every €100 you earn), up to an annual salary maximum of €44,800 (2012).

Other forms

Application form to join IMPACT (deduction at source)

Application form to join IMPACT (Standing Order)

Change of employer form