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  • Staff at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Drogheda, back industrial action 28 October 2016 - Ballot for action is response to cuts in clerical staff at the hospital Members of IMPACT trade union at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda have voted overwhelmingly (95%) in favour of industrial action, in response to a decision by the RCSI Hospital Group to let go of several clerical officer workers. The union […]
  • IMPACT joins campaign to improve tenant protections 25 October 2016 - IMPACT and other trade unions, in partnership with Uplift, have launched a campaign to improve protections and security of tenure for rental tenants. The campaign aims to petition the Government on improved tenant protections and to regulate rent increases by linking them to the Consumer Price Index (CPI). The campaign was launched today (Tuesday 25th October) in […]
  • All public servants must leave ‘FEMPI’ together 24 October 2016 - BERNARD HARBOR warns that special deals for some groups of staff will undermine pay recovery for all. The budget included an allocation of €290 million to ensure that gradual public service pay recovery, which finally got underway this year, continues into 2017. These improvements, crystalised in the Lansdowne Road agreement, represent the first positive public […]